The girl refused sweets, and it changed her beyond recognition. Now everyone will notice her model appearance

Very often, watching sports girls who managed to get rid of excess weight on Instagram, we think that such transformations are possible for someone else, but definitely not for us. The Australian Josephine Degrand thought so too until she personally made sure that working on herself would certainly lead to the desired result!

Throughout her life, Josephine adored chocolate and could not deny herself the pleasure of eating sweets. Such a free diet, of course, made itself felt, and during the student years, the girl approached the mark of 120 kilograms. When it came time to think about the prom look, Josephine realized that she wanted to go to him in a dress in size S. And then Degrand decided to act!

This is what Josephine looked like when she first started her fight against excess weight.

The girl began to adhere to a strict diet, refused cookies, chocolate, and ice cream, and also subscribed to several pages on Instagram, which motivated Josephine to continue her efforts and not give up on her goals.

The girl admitted that Instagram helped her start a new life and not back down from working on the desired result. Josephine also went to the gym, where an individual training system was selected for her.

As a result, Josephine managed to lose 63 kilograms, and now she wears size S, as she wanted.

On Instagram, Josephine was surprised at how people change before our eyes, and now she found out that she can also.

Having lost weight, Josephine managed to gain self-confidence.

Now nothing prevents you from noticing the girl’s model appearance.

Now Josephine herself leads a motivating page on Instagram under the speaking nickname “nolongerfatjosie” (no longer fat Josie), where she shares her weight loss story with subscribers.

137 thousand people follow the girl’s success on Instagram.

Josephine, of course, can be proud of herself, because luxurious S-size dresses are no longer a pipe dream for her.

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