The girl with the biggest lips showed what she was before

There is no limit to perfection, right? So the Bulgarian model Andrea Ivanova thinks so and therefore continues to build up lips.

We honestly warn you, that the spectacle is not for the impressionable.

It’s Christmas time and Andrea gave herself a gift – a filler injection.

Well, beauty is a controversial thing, to each his own and all that. But in the case of Andrea, this is a global event. Firstly, her lips are the largest on the planet among people. Secondly, everything is not enough for her, so she continues to increase them.

Here is what the 27th injection does to the lips.

In addition to lips, she still rules a lot in her body, striving for the ideal. The most subtle and ambiguous point here is that many of the girl’s subscribers actively support her. There are a lot of compliments for one word of criticism, so what is the reason for her to stop? Moreover, there is no end to the men who invite you on romantic dates and all that.

There is money for the operation, the desire too – go ahead!

Well, how to resist the temptation to compare what was and what has become?

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