The good Samaritan managed to take the stray kitten home after a few hours she gave birth

She found her safe home just in time.

The cat managed to locate a kind man who, realizing everything, drove him to his residence. The kitty wanted her babies to live in a secure and tranquil environment, therefore it was exactly what she needed. When the Good Samaritan came upon the kitty, she was wandering outside.

He initially believed the kitten to be lost, and he made attempts to contact its owners but received no replies. The cat’s tummy had obviously enlarged during this time, and he finally understood that she was indeed pregnant. The cat was overjoyed to have met that lovely person and was looking forward to staying in a location where she could live and later take care of her babies.

Her babies were delivered a few hours after she discovered her secure home, so she was quite lucky. They were two adorable cats. She did everything a mother should do: kept them clean, fed them, and then hugged and put them to bed. The cats are getting more interested and energetic every day, and Willow is enjoying watching them with her mother, who is overjoyed to have such a great family.

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