The grumpy-looking cat who was frequently overlooked at the shelter finds a loving home…

For a very long time, Franziska Franken has been considering getting a cat. One evening, she accessed the local animal shelter’s website and began browsing the animal images. There, she discovers a curious cat. Franken stopped scrolling when he saw the kitty. 

“I observed something peculiar in this cat’s dejected eyes. When I first saw her, my heart began to race. Franken told The Dodo, “And I realized I had to meet her. “

In a letter to the shelter, the woman inquired as to if the automobile was still there or if she had already been adopted. Franken awaited the orphanage’s response with great impatience. They contacted her again the next morning, and a woman hesitantly inquired if she was confused with a cat and wanted to adopt Bean. 

“The person that called me back believed that I made a mistake and didn’t push the correct button. She didn’t think it was possible that I wanted to adopt Bean. Evidently, nobody other was considering her before me, “Franken remarked. 

Bean resided in a trailer park and had an eye illness before being taken to the shelter. 

“A shelter employee led me to the room where I witnessed this miracle. With short legs, a little tail, and a flat face, Bean was extremely small. She had a beautiful, sorrowful face, and it made me cry. She was entirely different from how I had envisioned her; instead, she was better and more attractive, “said Franken. 

Bean had never been considered for adoption before because people believed she was ugly. But she ended up being the ideal pet for Franken. 

“When I first brought her home, she clung to me and feared to descend, but after realizing she would be here forever, she relaxed and started to explore her new home. Although Bean might be cheeky at times, Franken added, “I’m thrilled she’s displaying her true self.” 

Franken recognized herself in Bean as miserable and depressed, but she overcame it, and now she wants to assist Bean in doing the same. Bean enjoyed sharing a bed with Franken. And she was obsessed with olives. 

“The first time she saw an olive in my hand, she jumped up and grabbed it, ran, and hid under the sofa to eat it.” “I laughed for a long time at her,” Franken said. 

The point is that almost all cats enjoy green olives and allspice, which contain isoprenoids. These are chemicals with a structure similar to catnip. 

However, because olives are safe for cats, Franken occasionally treats her girl with them.

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