The guy broke up with the girl because of her weight, and she lost 65 kg. And such a transformation will make him regret

Many people on the planet strive for excellence in the hope of becoming more attractive. And this desire is quite understandable and natural, but one small clarification is important: to be more attractive is necessary first of all for yourself!

This seemingly simple truth was understood by a resident of Los Angeles, Josie. In the vastness of the network, the girl shared a story about how she started the fight against excess weight after she was abandoned by a young man. And if Josie started this journey from love for a guy, then over time she realized that this story is primarily about love for herself.

Previously, Josie did not think about what and when to eat and did not limit herself to anything.

When Josie began to take care of her body and health, she weighed 137 kilograms.

The young man decided to break up with Josie after two years of the relationship due to the fact that she gained excess weight. But instead of falling into despair, the girl decided to take care of her health and get in shape.

The girl went to the gym and began to follow a strict diet to get rid of excess weight.

The result made itself felt, but the girl did not want to stop there.

She continued to try hard and ended up losing 65 kilograms.

I was the girl my young man didn’t want to be with but became the one he couldn’t be with.

Josie now weighs 70 kilograms.

Despite the fact that Josie is proud of her success, the girl believes that any body and shape can be beautiful and attractive if they suit us first of all.

According to Josie, the main thing is harmony with oneself.

My weight loss journey started as revenge on my ex-boyfriend, but along the way, I realized that it was not about him, but about me, Josie shared on her Instagram.

Now Josie herself works as a fitness instructor and by her example motivates more than 25 thousand subscribers not to be afraid to change their lives for the better!

Looking at this picture, it’s easy to imagine what Josie’s efforts cost the result.

We think that now Josie’s ex-boyfriend can only regret that he broke up with such a girl!

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