The guys saved a tiny ginger kitten with a congenital defect in the leg

Since he was very tiny, he was fed with a syringe every four hours.

Two young men, passing by the trash can, heard a squeak. One of the guys looked into the container and took out a tiny ginger kitten. The kid squealed and asked for help. It is not clear what monsters could do this to a kitten.

The children decided to keep the animal. At home, they noticed that the kitten’s paws were unusual. Their pads have a slight curve, a pair of claws are underdeveloped, and the other claws stick out forward. The animal cannot pull them in.

The kitten was given the nickname Leo. The baby was washed from dirt, dried, and watered. Since he was very tiny, he was fed with a syringe every four hours.

Such feeding soon began to bear fruit. Leo began to gain weight. The kitten was taken to the vet. He examined his paws and said that such a structure would not interfere.

Indeed, the ginger kitten grew up quite normal. He, like other cubs, ran, jumped, and played. When the owners purchased the tray, Leo almost immediately figured out why it was needed.

He also has an excellent memory. The kid remembers well the time when his owners return home from work. So every day he meets them at the door. And immediately asks for hands. Of course, no one refuses him such pleasantness.

Now Leo is already in his fourth month. He grows handsome and the real Lion King.

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