The hairdresser made a chic hairstyle from a woman’s sparse hair

Shafag Novruzova is a famous hairdresser who works wonders. Photos of the work of this sorceress are available on the Internet.

Shafag never ceases to amaze his fans with magnificent transformations.

So, for example, quite recently, Novruzova published photos of her next client, whom she had to prepare for one very significant event. This woman had very sparse hair, which made the work of the master extremely difficult.

To begin with, Shafag lightened the client’s hair, explaining that blond hair would not stand out so much against the background of the skin, therefore, imperfections would not be so striking.

The final image was brightened up by professional makeup, which perfectly complimented the image.

False hair was necessary in this case. They were used to give volume to the lower part of the hairstyle.

How do you like the result? I think it turned out great.

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