The homeless dog is brought to the pet store and gets everything he touches (video)

The joy that can be brought to animals with small acts of kindness

King, a 12-year-old dog, has had a difficult existence. He was left on the streets and hit by a car, losing one of his legs as a consequence. He has struggled, but he is now doing well. Rocky Kanaka, the Dog’s Day Out TV host, stumbled across King’s tale one day and made the decision to do something special for him. He brought King to a pet store and let him choose anything and everything he saw—a royal shopping extravaganza!

King was quite excited since he had never gone to a pet store and was probably never exposed to toys. Rocky followed his word and purchased King everything he desired, including a huge cat tower. For a dog in need of a forever home, it was a kind act.

A must-watch is the video of King’s shopping extravaganza, which shows how tiny acts of kindness can make animals happy.

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