The influence of his “grandmother”. Reeves, who grew a gray beard, was confused with a beggar

In September, the incomparable Keanu Reeves will celebrate his 57th birthday. However, the actor’s fans are indignant that, they say, the star of “The Matrix” looks much older than his stellar peers.

Perhaps the whole point is that Keanu does not follow fashion trends at all and does not try to “be young” like his colleagues in the shop. The other day, the 56-year-old actor appeared before fans with a gray beard and in unkempt clothes.

Fans of Keanu did not immediately recognize the actor.

“Finally launched himself”, “This is the influence of his new girlfriend”, “What is wrong with him?”, “He was so handsome”, “He needs another woman, younger”,

“But I like him even like this”, “Cool actor”, “He does not pursue earthly goods”, “So simple,” wrote netizens. What do you say? How do you like the new image of the actor?

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