The Japanese found a puppy, but it turned out that it was not a puppy at all

Just recently, a Twitter user from Japan discovered a rare find. On his way home, he found a lonely puppy that looked too small to take care of himself, so the man took him home and named him Luna.

Being a responsible person, he advertised on social networks to find the owners and then the fun began. The hosts never showed up, but there were many answers. Many wrote that the dog is very cute, and some noticed that this is not a dog at all.

But in the end, the commentators agreed … the moon turned out to be a fox! Since it is forbidden to keep foxes in Japan, the man found a fox nursery in the city of Kitami, where experts determined that Luna is a fox 1-2 months old. Now Luna-chan will live in the nursery until she grows up. She already has friends!

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