The kind people who adopted the obese cat promised to monitor his health and provide him with a special diet

If an animal’s weight is too high, it is often put on a diet. This happened to a fluffy named Donut, who was saved from his owners by volunteers when they were unable to care for him. Donut was sent to a homeless shelter in Jacksonville, USA. The 12-pound animal requires both medical attention and a new home. 

The cat was far heavier than the typical yard cat at 12 kg. 

The staff members of the shelter published a notice on Facebook in an effort to match this handsome man with a family. 

Donut is the world’s biggest boy. He is looking for a home and a homeowner who would help him stick to a strict diet. The extra weight may make him appear nicer, but it is bad for his health. Donut’s new owners will need to visit a veterinarian to help him lose weight at the correct rate. Do you think you fit in? Then come meet Donut. 

After three days, Donut had relocated and the post was still being seen. 

The cat was given the name Ziggy by his new owners. He is adjusting well to his new home, and his owners are overjoyed to have him as a companion. They also pay attention to the diet. The cat adheres strictly to the set eating schedules and habits. 

He will soon start to lose weight and get back to his usual, healthy cat form.

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