The lady rescues so many cats, she had to build them their own home (video)

The once-scared cats now have no fear of people.

Emily had only lately relocated to a new house. She was shocked to see that there were already 16 stray cats outside the home.

Emily first doubted that the cats would welcome her presence. She was, after all, trespassing on wild cats’ holy territory.

Emily worked hard to gain the cats’ confidence. In an effort to get to know them better, she began walking outside.

The cats gained her trust and even began to approach, eventually sitting on her lap. The previous owner had fed the wild cats in an old shed in the rear.

It wasn’t the greatest decision for them, though. When it was so chilly throughout the winter, the cats needed a warm place to sleep.

In order to provide their wild cats with a haven that was suitable for them, Emily and her family came up with the idea to renovate the shed.

The cats were curious about what their ideal house would be like, but they were forced to wait until their new family devised the ideal plan.

The cats were happy to wait since they loved their new fantasy house, which was filled with cozy blankets and cat trees.

The untamed cats were at last comforted and confident. Since then, the cats have appeared to welcome her each time she walks outside.

The once-frightened cats are no longer afraid of people, and the proud cat mother likes seeing her lovely furbabies in their modest homes.

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