The last dog to leave the sanctuary, he eventually beams as he came back home

The staff at the shelter did their best to help him in finding a place to live.

Capone the dog spent a long time at a shelter. For seven years, he wandered without ever coming across his owners. He was able to establish connections with several of the animals in the shelter.

However, because of the puppies’ small age, adoption was not at all challenging.

He did locate his owners a few years ago, but he only spent a short time with them before being sent back to the shelter.

The dog first refused to communicate with anyone, but with time, he came to respect the staff members of the shelter.

The workers at the shelter did everything they could to help him find housing. As a consequence of their efforts, his images were often circulated on social media.

The dog started to identify with the couple. Even a necklace with her name on it was ready when they got to the shelter to pick him up.

Capone’s capacity to adapt to his new environment worried the shelter staff, but it was evident after the initial meeting that the dog was thrilled to have new owners.

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