The little abused and neglected pup is so relieved to be saved that he buries his head in the savior’s lap

Animal abuse is something we would never tolerate, but it happens all the time. Chowder, the protagonist of our tale, was discovered in an apartment complex’s back garage.

He grew accustomed to living in that way after doing so for a while, but he desired more. No one saw Chowder for a very long time due to a large amount of rubbish lying about and in the garage.

A miracle that was supposed to transform his life forever occurred one day. He was seen by a kind-hearted man. He gave him food and made a rescue center call.

As the volunteers showed up, the dog’s face was illuminated. In order to express his thanks, he hugged the little girl who had helped him out and buried his head in her arms.

The dog became more ecstatic when they arrived at the shelter and wanted to express his gratitude.

The poor animal had a significant eye injury and required treatment.

He will be waiting for a wonderful and loving home after completing his recovery. We wish Chowder the best of luck in finding his permanent family and home and living the life he deserves.

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