The little baby horse just couldn’t stop kissing and hugging the woman, as if he fell in love with her

It turns out that many other animals, such as horses, besides dogs like giving and receiving hugs.

A seven-day-old newborn horse just experienced a really adorable moment when he met a rider and instantly fell in love with her.

It was such a touching sight that it quickly attracted millions of views after being shared online.

Sunny Bane posted the video, which simply won everyone over.

The young lady had no idea what a delightful encounter awaited her.

When it spotted her, the animal swiftly came toward her and fiercely embraced her before starting to jump on her.

He gave the impression that horses are capable of great affection as well.

He first shoved the woman to the ground before smothering her with hugs and kisses.

Of course, his mother was watching them closely and made sure that everything was done under her supervision.

Bane was utterly enamored with it. Everyone will surely remember that pleasant and lovely event for a very long time, but Bane in particular.

That was all she needed to say before declaring, “This was the finest day of my life.”

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