The little cat from the shelter jumped into his arms and told him in secret that he would take her home

We used to think that if a person goes to an animal shelter, then he himself chooses the lucky one who will live with him. But this happens very rarely. And all because more often animals themselves choose those with whom they will live. They feel good whether a good person is standing in front of them or not.

The man in this photo seems to be very good. Kitten Luna chose him as soon as he entered the shelter.

When he stepped through the door of the orphanage, Luna began to look at him without taking her eyes off. He immediately took her in his arms and she began to purr affectionately and gently. And then, she put her tiny paw on his arm, as if to say: “don’t let me down, man!”. They looked at each other and understood everything.

The guy immediately took her home. He says that this is the most gentle and cute kitten in the world!

Luna had minor health problems and had to spend one day in the hospital. But now the cat is completely healthy.

Her favorite activity is cat videos on Youtube. She likes to hunt drawn mice running around the screen.

And the rest of the time, Luna loves being around her new man!

We don’t choose animals, they choose us!

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