The little lamb, who was once very weak, showed by his example that music can save lives (video)

They are overjoyed that Archie entered their lives, bringing warmth and cheer.

Dave and Jen, the lamb’s new parents, recently saved it.

But on the first day, things went horribly wrong since the infant was unable to consume milk and was quite underweight.

So that the lamb could restore his vigor and eat correctly, the pair put forth a lot of effort.

He required warmth, so they spent hours with the infant while searching for the proper formula. This is what the little child found helpful.

All of this has a really pleasant quality that will undoubtedly melt your heart as well. Dave is a musician, and his tiny lamb loved it because of that.

He replied right away as his father began to play. He appeared to be meditating.

After only a few weeks, Archie’s transformation into a very lively and energetic puppy looked to be the result of a miracle.

Dave would play the lullaby for him, and he would nod out right away.

The new farm animal quickly became friends with the sheep and other creatures as well. He grew more composed and independent.

The parents were overjoyed that they were able to save the baby.

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