The love affair between a lion and a white tigress, two wild cats (video)

For the purpose of breeding ligers, a lion by the name of Cameron and a white tigress by the name of Zaba were housed together. They did not have an easy existence at the New England Zoo. 

They were located and saved in 2004 by a wild cat rescue team. Zabu had been identified as having a genetic condition, Cameron was skinny, and he had health issues. 

“Zaboo and Cameron have turned into two unfortunates. The animals have grown close after spending so many arduous days together in filthy, cramped cages. They are actually linked by love. They cling to one another and kiss. The lion then licks his affection. They are now secure. The two of them were given extra-large revolvers,” the rescue organization said on social media. 

It was discovered that Cameron had a health issue that would necessitate either separating him from Zaba or having him sterilized. The answer was simple… 


Rescuers made the assumption that Cameron would not survive without Zabu; it was unfortunate to subject him to torture after spending so long behind bars. Love and freedom were due to him. The rescuers made the decision to leave him with his sweetheart and allow them to live happily ever after. 

Cameron’s health became better over time. He became considerably more playful and active.

Watch the video below to learn more about the lion and tigress’s love story!


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