The main secrets of Amal Clooney’s style

Amal is the muse of many fashion designers.

As a girl, before becoming Mrs. Clooney after marrying George Clooney, she was Amal Allamuddin.

A beautiful, intelligent and influential lady, whom, in the end, this “main American bachelor”, as he was called by women who were hungry to marry him, could not resist.

Maybe because Amal is the muse of many fashion designers? Or because she is one of the most successful lawyers in the world?Or because of her human rights activities?

But probably, after all, the main reason is that Amal is infinitely elegant and feminine.

She wears only earrings and an engagement ring gifted by her husband – having a lot of gold jewelry in her assets.

Do not boast of millions. Her favorite colors are pastels, and only for her bachelorette party, she wore a bright red dress from Alex McQueen, which really suited her swarthy face as an English Lebanese woman.

In everyday life, she prefers the classic women’s suit with an emphasis on the waist.

And how could it be otherwise with such long and slender legs?

Hence the choice of shoes visually lengthens the silhouette.

These are either classic “boats” or high-heeled sandals.

And handbags … well, where is any woman without a handbag?

There are even nominal ones, and the favorite brand is Ballin, moreover, the “love” is mutual – recently Amal has become the “face” of this accessory.

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