The man embraces the broken dog’s face and tries to save it

There are millions of animals that enter shelters every year.

Every year, 6.1 million companion animals are brought into shelters, according to the ASPCA. Many of these animals are successfully returned to their owners; however, not all of these animals are banned.

Some of them are. Lee Asher and Mildred, a dog who was in need of rescue, are a success story. The Asher House, a nonprofit refuge in Estacada, Oregon, was founded by Asher. The non-profit rescues abandoned or unwanted animals and gives them love, care, and comfort.

He travels the country to encourage dog adoption and draw attention to kennels and rescue organizations. Asher can be seen picking up Mildred, his most recent rescue, from the Southern Oregon Veterinary Specialty Center in this video.

Mildred needs care and attention since she is quite thin, as is obvious even at first sight. Asher quickly lavishes Mildred with love, kissing her and touching her. Mildred is seen in the video moving around, despite her continued instability. The employee may be heard remarking that she could hardly walk when she first entered.

Mildred is weighed by the staff before they go, and they inform Asher that she is between 70 and 100 pounds underweight.

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