The man, having learned about the serious illness of his dog, spent everything that he had to save it

In society, it is customary to consider cats, dogs, and other animals that we have for ourselves as pets. But under the pressure of the same society, our pets have more and more rights.

Is it right or not? Everyone decides for himself. For some, no. And for some, their pet is the only close soul. And here the question is: why should a near and dear soul have fewer rights than the same relative?

Today’s story is about how a man was left penniless but saved his beloved dog from certain death.

The man did not have any of his relatives by his retirement. He lived in his usual house with his little dog. Why does it happen that everyone abandoned the man, history is silent.

The dog was already about 10 years old – not the youngest, but far from old, she can live the same amount if she and her owner try. Since she is the only one who is next to an elderly man, he treated her with special trepidation.

One cold autumn evening, the dog suddenly lost consciousness while walking. The owner immediately rushed to the nearest working veterinarian to help the dog. On that day, she was pumped out, but the forecasts turned out to be disappointing: the dog will live less than six months due to severe heart disease. A complex operation was needed, but the veterinarian refused to do it, as there was no necessary qualification.

The man immediately began to look for specialists, first in the United States, then around the world, who could operate on his friend. Such a veterinarian was found only in Japan, and all the necessary costs were estimated at almost 50 thousand dollars, incredible for a man.He only had this amount in his retirement account. Here it is worth clarifying that in the United States it is possible to withdraw your pension savings after the retirement age has come. A man takes off everything to the penny and spends this money on the health of the dog.

Fortunately, all operations were successful, and the danger was over. The dog survived and is now out of danger. The owner of the dog has nothing left for his soul, but he does not regret for a second that he spent all the money he has on his little friend.

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