The man intended to construct a home on the sea, but he worked so hard that he created a whole “island”

This floating fortification is located in British Columbia, Canada. Living here is lovely, according to its residents, Wayne Adams and Katherine King. They would never give up their home for a city flat. 

Adams and King moved here nearly three decades ago. They proudly refer to their assets as “Freedom Bay.” It features peaceful surroundings, pure air, and beautiful views. 

It all began in 1992 when the young couple constructed a tiny (15 “square”) houseboat for themselves. They had their wedding ceremony here as well. Katherine and Wayne later had children. As a result, the Canadians chose to increase their holdings. As a result, the entire island was created. It looks fantastic. 

On the sea, a separate kitchen, a lighthouse, an art gallery, and a boat garage arose. The couple constructed five greenhouses in which to raise vegetables and fruits. A man catches a fish while sitting on the couch. This is done through a particular hole on the floor. 

King used to be a dancer. As a result, Wayne built a floating dance floor for her rehearsals. And a workshop for myself. He makes sculptures and crafts and sells them to visitors and museums. By the way, he made this floating wonder using nothing more than a hacksaw and a hammer. 

There is power at Freedom Bay. It is generated by solar panels. A wood-burning stove provides heat. The husband and wife get their drinking water from a nearby waterfall. 

Many people may believe that living that way is quite tough. Adams and King, on the other hand, consider themselves fortunate to have such a place.

 Their son’s house is also close. It is likewise built on the water and follows the same principles as “Freedom Bay.”

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