The man saved the swan, and the bird hugged him very touchingly as a token of gratitude

Swans are very loyal to their partner, stick to their territory and try to stay away from people.

Today we want to share with you an incredible story about a swan who surprised everyone by hugging a man in gratitude for his salvation!

TV presenter Richard Wise, who was walking through the Abbotsbury Nature Reserve, saw a swan that was stuck in a fence and could not get out on his own. As a thank you for saving the bird, she hugged him with her long, flexible neck and clung to him trustingly. 

“This is an incredible feeling – when a wild, in essence, the animal suddenly trusts you so much!” Richard exclaimed, moved. “I hugged the swan to my chest to reassure it that it was safe.”

 “I could feel his heart beating; it’s an incredible feeling to know an animal trusts you.” “When it realizes you will not harm it.”

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