The man was working at home when he heard something fall on the sofa. And then he found a little animal… (video)

Fate brought them together under one roof!

The South African house of photographer Rhian Nissens is now his new residence. The man found that Galago primates resided beneath the roof of the building. Four adult animals built a nest below the house’s roof.

Ryan wasn’t bothered by the strange area, so he made the choice not to bother the animals. But he needed to get to know them better someday. The photographer said that while using his computer, a peculiar sound suddenly appeared.

As it turned out, a little cub dropped from the nest and landed directly on the couch. Fortunately, the infant was unharmed. On the roof, the galago mother was pacing restlessly while closely observing Ryan. The creature was hesitant to approach.

This small one captivated the man, who gave it a close inspection. He placed the infant on the kitchen table after which he stepped out of the way for his mother to approach. They went back to the nest after she got her infant.

Rian is prepared to offer assistance when needed and was happy to get to know his neighbors better. The fact that fate brought them together under one roof is no coincidence!

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