The most beautiful wedding dress in the world: what makes it special?

Every person who was involved in organizing a wedding knows that details are very important in this difficult matter. Everything should be thoroughly thought out: decoration of the festive hall, table setting, flower decor, a set of dishes.

And, of course, a very important point – the bride’s outfit. It should look just perfect. Any girl in these moments wants to be admired. Therefore, every bride is serious about choosing the dress of her dreams.

Inimitable decoration

Often the dresses in which the girls go down the aisle are similar to each other. It’s hard to even remember them. But the outfit of the bride, whose name is Intan Azzahar, is unlikely to be forgotten. No wonder it went viral. A photo of this wedding dress has already been scattered on social networks.

The wedding attire of the bride, who was born in Indonesia, has already been called the most beautiful in the world.

The girl approached everything connected with this day with great responsibility. She really wanted to have a unique outfit. Don’t repeat any of the ones she’s ever seen. And she succeeded!

The design was developed by the bride’s talented compatriot Ivan Gunavan, a 34-year-old fashion designer from Jakarta. The stylist created the decoration in full accordance with the wishes of the heroine of the upcoming celebration.

The originality of the dress is not in color and cut. And that it is covered with pearls. This gives the dress elegance, sophistication, and luxury.

The dress consists of several layers. It comes with a long, airy train. Sleeves are transparent. And, of course, a lot of pearls.

Some of the guests even noticed that this is not a dress, but a work of art.

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