The most devoted companion: an abandoned dog who has been waiting for his owner for three years near an apartment building.

A great deal has been written and said about dog loyalty. I just want to ask everyone not to abandon these animals because they believe in us… 

Hay is the name of the dog, and he visits the house where he used to live with his owner every morning and evening. Apparently, the animal simply cannot accept a friend’s betrayal and continues to hope for a meeting. 

Residents were initially afraid of the dog, so they complained to authorities and asked them to catch it along with all the other strays. But there were those who looked after him and fed him on a regular basis.

“We gave Haye meat or other food that we had purchased specifically for him.” “The dog became a link between us, neighbors who would not otherwise talk to each other,” Wang explained. 

The inhabitants of a small island of bamboo thickets built a small tent for the dog to rest in. They had brought him food. 

Hay is also said to have never fought with other dogs or touched children. “This dog is very intelligent, sensitive, and gentle.”

 She has been waiting for her owner for three years since he left. She never considered leaving or finding a new owner. “She hopes the previous owner will come back for her one day,” one of the girls caring for the dog said. Haye’s “guardians” even raised money to take him to the vet in 2019. The dog was treated at the veterinary clinic, where all parasites on his body were removed. The community is now looking for a new home for the dog.

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