“The Most Hazardous Routes to School”: Difficult Paths Some Children Take to Reach School

Some kids face a tough and dangerous journey just to go to school. In a village called Gulu in China, kids have to walk on narrow paths less than a meter wide for five hours, even in rainy weather, just to reach their school. In another village, kids climb vertical bamboo ladders to get to school, which is a challenging journey. In India, there are paths where children have to cross snowy mountains to reach school, and in Colombia, some kids ride cable cars every day. In Indonesia, students use boats because the terrain is swampy.

Unfortunately, not all kids in remote areas can go to school easily. The journeys can be too dangerous, and parents might not have the time to take their children to school. As a result, many kids in such areas either don’t finish school or don’t go to school at all. They miss out on education because of where they live.

Would you want your children to go to school in these challenging ways?

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