The mother abandoned the girl. A family from the USA raised her as her own: What happened to her after 18 years

Inga was born in Novosibirsk with a congenital defect – aplasia. Her mother immediately abandoned her daughter ․ However, after 2 years, the girl was adopted by a couple from the USA. What happened to the girl after 18 years?

Inga’s mother got pregnant at a fairly young age, at first, she did not want to have a baby, but her parents insisted on the opposite․ But after the birth, the young mother was disappointed, as the baby was born with a  congenital defect – aplasia of the hands.

According to Inga’s mother, it was the parents who insisted on abandoning the child․ She noted that she was very sad to write a statement and give the child․ Over the next two years, she periodically visited the child until she was placed in the care of another family․

The new parents of the girl did everything possible to make the child feel comfortable. However, at first, they did not have money for expensive prostheses. In 2 years, Inga learned to use her toes to eat, draw, paint, and drive a car․

“I tried to walk with prostheses – it’s very uncomfortable. I’m already used to doing everything with my feet and I no longer see the point in prostheses.”

Inga also has a boyfriend whom she has been dating for 2 years․ They plan to get married in the near future․ Inga entered the university as a lawyer․

“I can’t imagine how my life would have turned out if I had grown up in Russia. In America, people with disabilities are treated normally, for them there are all the necessary conditions for life, ”notes Inga․

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