The neighborhood residents came right away to help when they saw the dog that had fallen on the snowy road.

The elderly dog had lived most of his life on the streets and had never experienced what it is like to have a warm, loving family. 

He recently “moved in” to a new location that he found. Once, as he was returning to his home, the neighbors heard a noise, and as a result, he fell to the ground on the snow-covered road. 

When they got close to the dog, they saw a wound on its body and assumed it had been shot. 

How cruel people can be is simply unbelievable. Given the dog’s advanced age, it was possible that his previous owners had abandoned him.

The dog was unable to walk because it was too weak. It was extremely cold when the girl and her neighbor discovered the dog, so they gave it shelter. 

Due to the lack of a veterinarian in their community and the distance between the clinics, they were unsure of how to assist the dog. 

They eventually made contact with a doctor, who suggested they give the dog pills until someone could go and rescue it. 

The girl called his friend, and the two of them together took the dog to the clinic because no one else could help the dog. 

The reason for the dog’s inability to stand on its hind legs was later explained by the veterinarian.

They discovered that he had a broken hip and numerous bite marks after the X-ray. 

Jack acted very indifferently throughout this time, which made it obvious how sick of such a difficult life he was. 

They are currently awaiting the test results, which will decide whether or not the dog will undergo surgery. 

We can only pray that he will eventually be relieved of all his suffering.

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