The nurse showed how to quickly lull the child with a regular towel (video)

With just a couple of perfected movements, and an ordinary towel turned into a soft nest for the baby. This simple design resembles the hands of a mother hugging a child, which is probably why the crumbs like it so much.

We all know how difficult and full of care a mother’s life is. She needs to provide sleep, food, warmth, love, and comfort for her child, while not forgetting about herself. But did you know that part of parenting can be solved with a towel?

Over 16 million moms and dads have already watched this video – and most of them are absolutely delighted!

The algorithm for arranging such a “nest” for a newborn is extremely simple, and any mother can reproduce it.

Step 1:  Take a towel measuring about 120 cm by 60 cm and roll it into a tube with the wide part.

Step 2:  It is important that the clothes do not hinder the movement of the baby. After that, lay the baby on his right side and wrap the towel around his body, starting from the top. In this case, one end of the roller should be under the neck, and the other – under the head.

Step 3:  Gentle pats and pats on the back will help your baby calm down and fall asleep more easily. At the same time in the most comfortable position for yourself. Most likely the dream will last about 2 hours.

And here is the very video that made a splash among millions of parents:


Probably every mother has come across a situation where the baby refuses to “cooperate”. In any case, this is a great method that will help every mom. Try it and share your impressions!

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