The old man befriends his neighbor’s dogs and greets them every day (video)

Human’s best friend or vice versa.

Nearly everyone has neighbors, which may be helpful or detrimental depending on the situation. The connection will rely on how well these individuals get along, whether or not they have shared interests, as well as how they approach fixing issues.

Even still, it is a fact that animals may live next door to people and even become close companions. As is frequently the case with puppies, showing someone love, care, and attention is crucial to gaining their friendship.

Joe, a guy, understood everything completely. Whose dog neighbors visit him via the fence separating their homes and love him very much.

The two dogs’ owner, Amanda Lin, uploaded a video on TikTok that documents all the great times her pups had with the neighboring guy. “We love our neighbor, Joe,” the woman stated in the social media post.

The first image depicts the trio of pals conversing in the snow. The two dogs are hugging their neighbor Joe while standing on their hind legs and resting on the fence. Who rubs their heads and causes them to rapidly wag their tails, showing how happy they are to see the guy.

The guy is seen throwing food at the two puppies in the next image, and they successfully jump to get it. All of this takes place on the patio that is bounded by the fence between the two houses. It is unknown exactly what Joe did to garner his affection, admiration, and attention.

But as he is working in his garden, the two pups follow him over the same fence since they adore him so much. They even play there; he tosses things for them to find. Nothing stops them from having a good time.

Their tails wag constantly and are a sight to behold as they exhibit the joy they experience at seeing the man. a lovely connection that has developed through time and endured all four seasons of the year. One commenter responded to the woman’s post by saying, “For me, a person who loves dogs is a person I can trust.” Another user on the social network said, “I wish all the neighbors are like this.

The cute footage of these two puppies playing with their dear buddy and next-door neighbor Joe is seen below:

Send your friends and relatives this movie so they may understand that not all neighbors are terrible and that some have kind hearts and even care about their neighbors’ dogs.

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