The only one in the world: the albino jaguarundi (video)

In Medellin, Colombia, they found a miracle of nature – a jaguarundi kitten, which has all the signs of an albino. This is not happiness, but a curse, notes But the little animal was lucky – she was taken under guardianship by the employees of the local reserve.

This is what a typical jaguarundi looks like – protective color.

But our heroine is a typical albino.

Experts immediately put an end to her fate – with such an appearance, there is no hiding, no watching for prey, nothing at all. In addition, albinism promises other sores, so the best thing for a cat will be human care. Even though she doesn’t understand it.

Even if she had survived in the wild, she would have given birth to other albinos, and this is not good. Therefore, it is better to remain under the control of people.

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