The owner found a way to calm the dog who can not stand loneliness

Sara is an adorable rescue dog who has been battling anxiety for years with the help of her caring owner Colleen.

Every time Colleen was out of sight, the dog began to panic, barking endlessly, chewing on furniture, and running around the house looking for its owner.

Once the pet even rubbed her nose on the door, having lost a woman.

Neither special training nor long walks nor sedatives helped the dog.

Colleen could not see how the pet suffered, and always left her with one of her friends or a nanny when she left.

One day, Sister Colleen suggested to her one effective solution – to make a rag doll resembling a person to leave with a dog.

The woman decided to make a doll to order. She wasn’t sure about the plan at first but decided to give it a try. She put her clothes and glasses on the Dolly doll and began to introduce the dog to her silent copy.

She left the doll in all places near the dog and throughout the house so that Sarah would get used to it.

When the time came, the owner began to leave the dog alone with the doll – and hooray, it worked!

Only by glancing at Dolly, the dog quickly calmed down and no longer felt alone when the owner left the house.

Coming home, Colleen saw how her pet was sleeping peacefully on her couch.

And once the dog did sleep at the feet of the doll – the hostess then left her copy in the restroom.

Such progress undoubtedly pleased the hostess! Now she is calm that the dog will not destroy the furniture and will not harm himself if she leaves the house – after all, next to her is a reliable company in the form of Dolly!

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