The owner went to the groomer with her fluffy dog, but when she went to pick her up, she did not recognize her!

Nanook is a gorgeous, fluffy puppy owned by Karlie Coco. She’s 7. Nanok needs his mistress to give him a lot of attention. Recently, Carly took Nanook to the groomer to get her hair cut a little shorter. The mother just desired to trim the claws and ears of the young. 

Additionally, Nanook was not recognized by Carly when she arrived to pick her up. Only when the animal reacted to her name did Carly realize it was once her fluffy dog. She had her hair cropped in such a way that it appeared the groomer had altered her breed.

The groomer was happy with his own work and said so. When Carly arrived with the dog, he grinned with pride. The woman wasn’t sure how to respond because she was so shocked. In order to avoid a scandal, she made up a nod. 

It turned out that the dog was pleased with his appearance in addition to the groomer, who liked the new Nanok style. Carly made the decision to remain silent because the fur will regrow soon. Nanok regained her prior appearance after a year. 

The dog’s owners used sunscreen and a T-shirt to shield the dog’s sensitive skin from the harsh sunshine during these months. Carly and her husband looked for another groomer after this incident.

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