The paparazzi caught 53-year-old Julia Roberts on the beach

Time relentlessly runs and the stars are only proof of this. So, a few days ago, the paparazzi managed to catch the famous actress D. Robert on vacation.

Several photos immediately appeared on the Web, in which fans of the Hollywood star could see all the flaws in her figure.

Loyal fans reacted to such photos with incomprehension, as the shots were taken from not the most favorable angles. And some simply supported Julia, noting that she is still an incredible beauty.

But there were those who were happy with such photographs. The haters tried to reproach the actress for not taking care of herself. And yet, it seems to us, that we should not forget that Roberts is no longer a girl, so she looks quite good for her age.

What do you, our dear readers, think about this? Share your opinion in the comments!

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