The paparazzi showed the first photos of 52-year-old Campbell’s daughter!

At the age of 50, supermodel Naomi Campbell had birth. The American diva takes great care to keep the prying eyes of photographers off her daughter. But suddenly, photographers have succeeded in capturing the small bit of Campbell’s face. The model asserts that she gave birth to a daughter on her own, without a surrogate mother’s assistance.

Fans of Naomi enquire as to why Campbell’s daughter has a light complexion. Varied internet users have different perspectives on the girl’s birth. Some people comment on how much she resembles her mother, while others claim the infant is entirely different.

The supermodel seldom does interviews where she discusses her personal life and problems. She acts more subduedly and merely says that this is her daughter and that she is the mother!

How do you feel? Do you believe the girl resembles her famous mother? Do you think the baby’s birth tale is true?

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