The Park guard saw a kitten crawling on the grass and squealing loudly (photos)

The guard of the national park in Sydney accidentally noticed this baby on the grass. The kitten was all alone, and his mother was not around. No matter how much the man searched for the mother cat and other kittens nearby, no one came.

A national park guard in Sydney, Australia found this kitten crawling through the grass all alone. The friendly kid was very hungry and squealed loudly. His mother and other kittens were not around, and the man decided to help the baby.

The man contacted the CatRescue 901 animal rescue center, whose employees immediately went to pick up the kitten. It was picked up by a volunteer named Jenny. The kitten turned out to be about three weeks old, but he did not reach the norm in weight for this age.

The cat was named Gordon. Jenny took him to her place for overexposure and began to feed him by the hour. The kid quickly got used to the new environment and turned out to be very sweet and grateful. All the members of the woman’s family took turns taking care of him.

After each feeding, Gordon curled up in the arms of the guardians and purred loudly. Most of all, he became related to the husband of the guardian – he was always drawn to him and asked for affection.

Gordon grew up curious and affectionate. The kitten quickly learned to use the tray, and then switched to solid food. When he learned to walk confidently, he began to explore every corner.

When the baby is a little older, they will find permanent owners for him. Be happy handsome!

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