The pasta recipe of the famous and beautiful Sophia Loren appears to be very tasty and appetizing

Sophia Loren’s signature pasta dish is included in her cookbook. 

Almost all celebrities, particularly models, are said to be constantly on strict diets in order to maintain their fitness, attractiveness, and popularity. This cult member, on the other hand, was not one of them. 

Lauren claims she has never had to limit her food intake and that she can easily afford cakes and even pasta. 

It’s worth noting that pasta is one of her favorite foods. 

Sophia also has a unique pasta recipe that she documented in her cookbook. 

We’d like to share it with you right away in the hopes that you’ll find it useful.

Spaghetti – (200-250g)

A little vegetable oil

Garlic Zest


Cream (20 percent)

Parmesan cheese


fresh basil


Add garlic butter

Add lemon and then nutmeg

Pour in the cream

Then pasta

Salt and pepper

Bravo! A very tasty dish is ready!

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