The pet was left without an owner, the builders fed him, but no one could take him home

This puppy was left without an owner who tragically passed away. When the catching service came for the dog, the builders working next to the house decided to take it for themselves. They fed the dog, but none of them took the animal home. So the puppy huddled at that construction site, especially not needed by anyone. One young guy spotted this poor fellow and decided to help him. The man tried to catch the pet several times, but each time he ran away. As a result, the guy asked the workers for a net and caught the puppy with it.

Upon arrival home, the dog was bathed and well fed. The tail was given the name Simon. He quickly got used to the new home and became friends with the guy’s other pet.

Now, this trio often walks on the beach, where the dogs like to dig holes. Simon is lucky to have such a wonderful host in his life.

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