The photo was shot from inside the Branson cruise ship, where only adults are allowed

The inside of the first adult cruise ship, which will be launched in 2020 by Virgin Voyages, owned by business billionaire Richard Branson, has been shown.

 The ship has been named “Lady Scarlet,” and the most notable change is that there are no children on board. This implies that there will be no water slides, water parks, or children’s amenities. 

The ship can accommodate 2800 passengers and 1150 staff members. The Virgin logo features a mermaid with golden hair. 

You will not be permitted to board an adult cruise ship if you are under the age of 18. Each cabin will have an ocean view, and this one can sleep four people.

VIP cabins are at the very top, with their characteristic “chips”: a bar, a seating space, and a stunning view of the ocean. But it isn’t all.

 Each apartment has its own lounge area with musical instruments such as guitars and amplifiers. 

The bathrooms in the VIP rooms are marble. While having a shower, you may gaze out the other window at the ocean. 

The “Adult Playground” in the ship’s aft is the centerpiece of the Lady Scarlet liner. 

The largest observation deck, with a glass floor and red and white semicircular sun loungers, will be positioned in its area. 

On board the ship, there are hundreds of eateries. Pink Agave, an upmarket Mexican restaurant, is one of the most intriguing.

 The Wake restaurant will become one of the most opulent and pricey on the cruise. 

A more straightforward choice is The Pizza Place, where you can dine with pizza that the guest “collects” himself.

 You may also eat at one of the several eateries on board the cruise. 

Mexican, molecular, and traditional food – there’s something for everyone here. 

What is a vacation if it doesn’t involve a visit to a nightclub? The Manor is named after Branson’s first music studio in the same globe. 

Gyms, SPA salons, gyms, yoga rooms, hydrotherapy pools, quartz beds, salt and mud rooms, and other amenities take up a significant amount of the ship. 

If you want to get a manicure or pedicure, go to a spa with a beautiful view of the beach. 

On board the liner, there is also a tattoo parlor! Furthermore, tattoos on the bodies of the ship’s personnel will be permitted.

If you like, you may gaze out at the ocean, swim in the pool, relax on a sunbed, or order a beverage at the local bar. 

Do you enjoy football? Then you have a direct path to the sports club, where you may view the match broadcast.

 On this trip, newlyweds or grownups who want to rekindle their affections for each other are expected to recuperate. 

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