The plump cat found loving owners who agreed to monitor his health and feed him on a special diet

The cat eats strictly according to the schedule and norms.

The animal is often put on a diet if its weight exceeds the permitted limit. A fluffy called Donut who was rescued by volunteers from his owners after they were unable to care for him experienced this. Donut was sent to the Jacksonville, USA, homeless shelter. The 12-pound animal needs a new home and medical guidance.

The cat, which weighed 12 kilos, was far heavier than an average yard cat.

In an effort to place this gorgeous guy with a family, the shelter workers posted a notice on Facebook.

The largest boy in the world is Donut. He seeks a residence and a homeowner who will support him in adhering to a rigorous diet. He may seem cuter with a few extra pounds, but this is harmful to his health. To assist Donut to lose weight at the proper rate, his new owners will need to consult the veterinarian. Do you believe you belong? Come meet Donut then.

The message was seen since after three days, Donut had moved into a new home.

The cat’s new owners gave him the name Ziggy. His owners are thrilled with their new companion, and he is settling in well in his new home. Additionally, they don’t disregard the diet. The cat closely follows the established routines and times for eating.

We anticipate him losing weight and returning to his normal, healthy cat form shortly.

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