The polar bear is starving because of the indifference of people

This piece of land is almost always covered in snow, but the pictures show that now there is not a single piece of ice on it. The area is very dry and looks like a wasteland. The photo of the guy shows that the polar bear is severely emaciated and dying of hunger. He wants to climb over the rusty bunker, but nothing comes of it. The bear is doomed to a terrible fate. He says that he would like to help the animal, but he was powerless. The laws of the country forbid feeding bears. Besides, the food wouldn’t save the bear.

Paul Nicklen posted the video and photos on his Instagram page. He admitted that the whole team was shocked by the sight of this polar bear and could not help but cry.

Paul also wrote that the picture of the dying bear still haunts him. However, the man hopes that his post will make people think about climate problems.

Scientists say that polar bears will soon disappear from the face of the Earth. And the problem will not be solved by artificial ice or animal feeding. The man thinks we should stop cutting down trees, reduce greenhouse gases and eat right.

In addition, Paul assumed that the bear was no longer alive.

The extinction of polar bears is due to the fact that there is no ice in the sea and oceans because it is with the help of ice floes that animals can get food. However, let’s hope that we will still find a solution to this problem.

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