The poor dog is devastated after his adoption fails, so he stares at the wall all day long (video)

The staff at the shelter was more than certain that this robust and magnificent dog would quickly find his devoted permanent family. Yet over time, March began to associate the shelter with the most traumatic experiences.

The unfortunate dog was unaccustomed to living in such settings with other animals as he waits for a family to adopt him.

The family that turned him down for adoption because he wasn’t as lively as they had anticipated was the biggest and worst blow for him.

Upon his return to the shelter, March was morally wrecked, and as a result, he shunned eye contact and social interaction. He was only staring and wretchedly gazing at the wall.

After hearing about his experience, Dawn Timmeney decided to post it on social media. Others started to show an increasing amount of interest in him day by day. And this event permanently altered the life of this intriguing child.

A rescue squad came to save the dog after two or three days of Dawn’s social media activities, thankfully before his turn on the murder list was about to begin. March had a singular moment when he was at last set free.

March will be cared for by these rescue teams, a no-kill organization until he finds his permanent family.

Even though this dog’s tale ended on a positive note, many of puppies continue to be put down because they are not adopted promptly.

Let’s shout louder and exert all of our efforts to preserve these animals!

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