The poor pup abandoned by its owner in the middle of nowhere chases a runner and asks to be saved (video)

The pup was very close to a congested highway, which for sure could be more harmful to the dog.

The only option left for these unfortunate animals when their owners treat them horribly is to flee from them. Such a choice forced the protagonist of our current tale, who had to flee and hide from his merciless master.

A runner discovered the little critter concealed between bushes on the sidewalk. The unfortunate beast quickly sensed the runner’s sincerity and began to follow him while grinning.

He requested that the runner be moved someplace more remote and secure. The good man petted the puppy and realized that it was in no way safe there. Even the closest village was miles away, and the area was filled with unknown wilderness.

The puppy was also very close to a busy highway, which could have caused more harm to the dog. So the nice man decided to feed and clean him while carrying him to his home.

Afterward, he made a call to the nearby animal shelter to come to help the animal. He even assisted the dog in finding a loving home where it may live happily ever after, as all canines should.

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