The pregnant cat looked plaintively at the woman, asking for help (video)

A cat began to come to the yard of an elderly woman, who was clearly hungry and in need of love. The old woman fed her, and the cat came more often. At some point, the woman noticed a rounded tummy in the guest.

An elderly woman from Las Vegas noticed a hungry stray cat in her yard. She looked at her plaintively and asked for food – and the woman decided to help her. She began to leave water and food for her, and she came running more often.

Later, the woman asked the neighbors whose cat it was – but it turned out that she most likely grew up on the street. Meanwhile, the cat was noticeably gaining weight, and one day the owner of the house noticed that she had a rounded tummy.

The kind old woman decided to take the pregnant cat to her, although she herself could hardly walk. She named her Aberdeen, and sensitively took care of her. One morning, some time later, the cat gave birth to four adorable kittens. The woman and her daughter took care of their mother and babies.

Later, the woman decided that it was still hard for her to take care of such offspring, and contacted the Vets for Abandoned Pets rescue center. The staff took the cat’s family to a safe place. They immediately noticed that the mother cat had a damaged ear, part of which had to be removed. Other than that, everything was great.

The kittens grew up healthy and active, and mother Aberdeen did not leave them for a minute. She turned out to be a sensitive mother and an affectionate cat who always loves to lie on the laps of her guardians.

When the time came, for the kittens and for Aberdeen herself, they began to look for owners. When all the kittens were distributed, Aberdeen herself also found loving people. One family took her in, falling in love at first sight.

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