The property brothers change a deserted pup into a Puppy Bowl Champion (video)

Property Brothers Johnathan and Drew help the family introduce their new rescue puppy in an episode of HGTV’s Forever Home.

At a Texas salvage company, David found the little puppy abandoned in a box with four other dogs of different ages. They currently only have one rescue dog, Noosa.

Drew claims he cried when he introduced the new dog to the family after realizing how they had found it and that it now had a greater chance of survival.

They made sure to renovate the house with sturdy items during the Property Siblings episode, such as a sturdy sofa, non-scratch hard flooring, and washable carpets.

They also built a specific space for the two rescued dogs beneath the stairs to provide them with a quiet retreat.

The need for sturdy carpets, sofas, and hard flooring that can endure pets’ claws is emphasized by Drew and Jonathan.

Everything will look good and last longer this way as you enjoy spending time with your new pet.

Lucca took part in Puppy Bowl 16, where she spoke about her origins and the importance of animal rescue.

Johnathan even displayed a photo of him with his two rescues, Stewie and Gracie.

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