The pup steps off a plane and finally sees her beloved humans again after being lost for 2-years

As time went on, it gave the idea that the probability of seeing her again was turning out to be progressively thin.

Veterans Gregory and Victoria Hudler spent more than two years seeking Jodie, their cherished constant comfort dog.

When Victoria gave birth to her most memorable kid, they secretly delivered Jodie to a relative. Even though the Hudlers were devastated, they held onto the belief that they would ultimately see Jodie once again.

It was said that someone had acquired their dog from a relative without their consent. In any event, as time passed, it conveyed the impression that there was less and less chance of ever seeing her again.

Nevertheless, when they received a call from the shelter in Tennessee two years later that Jodie had been located there, things began to change.

While it’s unclear how she got there, the Hudlers were able to identify her thanks to the data on her central processor.

An organization called Wings of Rescue, which transports animals from dangerous situations like war zones to safe havens with more room for them to live, intervened to help reunite Jodie with her folks.

They obtained the puppy from a safe home in Knoxville, where she would travel from Mississippi to New Jersey in their 130-dog truck.

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