The puppy was injured in the freezing snow, with a rope tied around his neck (video)

The little pup is fortunate to be alive

Being found by a bystander at the perfect moment is the epitome of the proverb “being in the right place at the right time” for this dog.

A woman was strolling in the snow when she heard a puppy’s heartbreaking screams. She investigated the noise and saw a wounded brown dog laying on the ice and snow close to the road.

Due to a significant, infected cut on its side, the frozen puppy was afraid and screamed in terror. The woman spoke quietly to the dog until she was able to place a leash around its neck because she understood she had to assist the dog.

The woman was able to restrain the fearful dog and then lured it to her car by making it feel welcome and cozy. The dog started to comprehend that it was secure once it was inside the car and even started to wag its tail. Then the mother hastily rushed the dog to a veterinarian clinic for prompt medical assistance.

Following an investigation, the veterinarian concluded that a harness that was stuck in the incision was most likely to blame. Fortunately, the puppy survived the illness and near-freezing ordeal thanks to the veterinarian’s ability to treat the wound.

They assessed the puppy’s age to be approximately seven months, and when it has fully healed, they will place it in the ideal family. The young puppy’s survival is a blessing, and it is all due to the rescuer’s strategic placement.

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