The puppy was stuck in a dirty shed and screamed plaintively, and the poor mother could not help him

All that they need for complete happiness is to find a home and loving owners, which we wish them with all our hearts!

Once a dog was seen in one of the Taiwanese villages. She was lactating, which meant that the four-legged mother had puppies. Emaciated and obviously tired, she wandered to the place where they were to feed them … People followed the dog to help her and the puppies.


When they drove up to the wooded area, they saw some adorable babies who were in dampness and mud. Seeing people, the crumbs rushed to run as fast as they could and hid in a dark shed filled with garbage and waste. Two or three babies sat behind a rusty pipe, and one tried to hide behind a stone. All of them were successfully pulled out, and when the kids were put in the carrier, it became clear that they were covered with fleas. The puppies began to scratch furiously, they looked dirty and unhealthy.

Soon their mother came, who saw that the kids were sitting in a carrier. She became agitated, but she was also let into the carrier and calmed down.

And at that time a squeak was heard, and it became clear that somewhere in the dirty shed another crumb was hiding. Volunteers found him, but the baby was stuck between the wall and the rusty building and desperately called for help. He was in pain and very nervous.

It turned out that this is a “girl”, who was named Maria. The baby whined plaintively while they tried to pull her out, and finally, they managed to do it! The baby stayed in this state for several days, so she was just happy when she finally found herself in the fresh air.


The little creature needed medical attention, as the baby was in a deplorable state. The poor “girl” ended up in the hands of the doctor, and many procedures caused her pain, making her whine loudly.

Fortunately, the doctors managed to save her, although at first, they doubted their success. Mom also demanded special help, but she courageously endured all the injections and medical manipulations, looking at people with incredibly sad eyes.

Finally, all the tests were completed, and the mother and puppies went to rehabilitation. They were settled in one of the shelters, where there was a wonderful garden. There, the entire four-legged family recovered gained strength and recovered after the difficult trials that fell their lot.

As for Maria, she also began to recover, however, it took her a little more time. A week later, she joined the siblings and everyone was very happy!

Now all the puppies and their mother are completely healthy and cheerful. They are active, and playful and do not get tired of wagging their tails, and greeting people!

All that they need for complete happiness is to find a home and loving owners, which we wish them with all our hearts!

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