The puppy who was left in the parking lot of Walmart is currently looking for new owners! (video)

Golden retriever mix Clarence, age 4, has never known the comfort of a home. He resided in the backyard of his family his entire life. But when his family abandoned him in the Walmart parking lot, that life quickly came to an end as well. 

There, Clarence encountered two additional canines that had also been left behind and were now exploring the streets of the city. Clarence started pursuing a German shepherd and a mixed-breed chihuahua after having some sort of connection to them. 

Dogs were discovered as strays, and the control service made contact with their owners. Clarence’s owner left the dog without any care. The social control requested to seize the animal, but he heartlessly refused.

Clarence was consequently added to the list for euthanasia. Clarence and the German Shepherd, who were no longer required by their old owners, were thankfully saved by Hounds In Pounds who stepped in just in time. The group made the choice to find the dogs a new home. 

Clarence does not harbor resentment toward anyone despite having a terrible life and a negative encounter with the prior owner. 

“The sweet, incredibly cute puppy makes us think of the sun. His radiant energy brings about a friendly atmosphere. All he requires is a soulmate and a loving owner, according to a Facebook post by Hounds In Pounds. 


Clarence will be sent to New Jersey in the coming days to look for a permanent residence.

Hounds’ representatives In Pounds, who took care of him for a while and got to know him better, are confident that he will soon find the devoted home he has been searching for his entire life.

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